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Is the Best Sex Buddy a Good-Looking Buddy?

A lot of guys would like to define the ideal sex buddy as a female goddess. I mean, who wouldn’t? Any red-blooded, straight American male would definitely define any kind of relationship in purely physical terms. It’s easy to understand where guys are coming from as far as this is concerned. It’s very easy to see the mental calculations that go into such a decision.


The problem here is there is a lot more going on because you’re dealing with a buddy, first and foremost. It’s too easy to get caught up on the sexual component of a sex buddy, but if you overlook the buddy part, you are playing with emotional fire. Seriously, you might think that this is just a fling. You might think that this is just purely physical.


However, if things go south and your sex buddy relationship simply falls apart and you no longer are friends, you will begin to miss her. You will begin to miss the times when you just hung out and talked. You will miss the level of emotional intimacy where you opened your heart and you had somebody who is there to listen. That is the point where you return to findafuckbuddy.net


That’s right, this person just completely listened to you. This person didn’t judge you. This person didn’t have any preconceived answers. This person just let you talked and was there for you. Imagine flushing all that down the toilet because you decided that you’d like to turn her into a sex buddy. This is precisely the kind of risk you’re running if you try to play the sex buddy game the wrong way.


Unfortunately, most guys play the game the wrong way. They think that it’s all about converting existing female friends into friends with benefits. I wish it was that simple. I wish that was a sure-fire way to develop fuck friends. Unfortunately, that’s a sure recipe for emotional disaster. If you value your female friendships, you need to look at this problem from a completely different perspective. You have to have a completely different strategy. Otherwise, you are just doing yourself a big disservice.