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The first time I ever encountered midget porn was at a friend’s house. There was a group of us guys out in the garage getting drunk and checking out the new stereo we’d just put in his car. One of the guys was pulling up all kinds of freaky porn shit on his tablet and midget porn was part of it. We all laughed at the little guys thrusting like animals and joked about how midget women were true spinners. The thing about it though, is that while I was right there laughing with the guys, I actually really liked it. I’ve been a fan of little people porn ever since. And if I had a chance to have sex with a midget girl, I’d take her up on it without hesitation.

Midget Porn Pass has all kinds of sex playing out. There are midgets with midgets, but it’s mostly midgets with regular size people. There are threesomes and gangbangs, as well as simple one-on-one stuff. You will see some degrading costumes as well as some freaky ass makeup making the guys look like horny little demons. I’m not into that. The freakshow aspect doesn’t do it for me. I much prefer the videos with 2 to 3 participants who strip off normal street clothes and have straight up sex.

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